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The Best Budget Podcast Gear

The process of building a space which has excellent podcast production facilities comes with it’s challenges, especially when you know very little about the gear that goes into podcasting. Luckily enough for us, with the help of Colin from The Podcast Host we were able to come up with the best gear for the lowest price. That gave us a thought to create a little post with some of their recommendations to get the best possible quality gear, for the lowest price.

Requirement: A 2 mic setup, high quality
Budget: £330

So last week I sent out a message to Colin, it was a pretty long message but I summarised it as:

“How much is it to buy a high-quality, low budget studio?” and “What is the best starter kit to get us going?”

Colin replied to us within a couple of hours with the following advice:

  1. Get 2 Shure SM58s
  2. Get 2 Rode PSA 1 Boom Arms
  3. Get a recorder; Zoom H6 is a great option
  4. A headphone splitter (for monitoring)
  5. A couple of sets of headphones
  6. Consider acoustics for future
Colin’s response

We went away and thought this would be great to get us started, but then we shopped around to see how much this would cost us:

Total: £610

Already we can see that this is almost double my intended budget, so I needed to figure out a way that this could be cut down and still get a high-quality podcast produced. Out of interest, I thought I would consult one of my friends who creates music for a living to see what sort of gear he would use and if there was any overlap.

Here was my conversation:

Conversation with my friend

As you can see, straight off the bat he said that he used the Shure SM58, so I think that was a no brainer for me. However, that takes up £200 of my budget and I still needed to find a way to record the audio and mount the microphones. So I asked him the follow-up question “What do you record the audio into?”

Continued conversation

He mentioned that he used a ‘Saffire Scarlet’, but what he meant was the Focusrite Saffire, or Scarlett. I did a little digging and found that a dual input Focusrite Scarlett would do exactly what I needed, and it was on Amazon for just £109. The Zoom H6 would be a good option going forward, but as long as I had my laptop on me then the Focusrite Scarlett would be the perfect recording device.

The final challenge was finding a way to mount the microphones, so that we didn’t have to hold onto them. The Rode boom arms were a great option, but dropping £120 on something that would be more of a long term, future solution did not seem sensible. So I jumped on Amazon and found two desk stands for just £6 each to put the Shure SM58s on (luckily the microphones come with adjustable mounts to place onto the stand).

And that was the setup complete. We had everything we needed to start recording a podcast at the best possible quality. Here’s a list of what we bought and the total cost:

  1. 2 x Shure SM58 = £198
  2. Focusrite Scarlett = £109
  3. 2 x XLR Cables = £10
  4. 2 x Desk Stands = £12

Total Cost = £329

For just £329 we had a setup that could produce excellent quality podcasts, for what we think is a really reasonable price to get started. Now, not everyone will be able to get access to £329 to start creating a podcast, but that is where we are here to help. If you’re in and around the London Area, send us a message on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll be more than happy to help you produce your podcast with our equipment.

The final step in producing this podcast was to figure out how we actually get the recording from our new equipment, to the computer and then to post online. Luckily enough, this is completely free to do.

First, get yourself Audacity and then use Anchor to create and distribute your podcast. Of course, give us a shout if you need any help with this.

Now you might be wondering “What sort of audio quality will £330 get me?”. Well, our new Creator Space podcast is now live, so have a listen and let us know what you think!

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